Whitening Success On average, our clients see a 4-9 shade improvement

Perfecta Lab offers Tooth Fairy, a professional whitening system alongside dental crystals — a crystal application for beautifully whitened teeth to add extra sparkle and shine.

Our Tooth Whitening with an LED light system allows you to provide a quick, easy, and affordable treatment to your client! The creator of Tooth Fairy is a dental hygienist who has been successfully selling this product around the world since 2000. When you purchase the Tooth Fairy Professional Whitening System, you will be amazed not only with the results you can achieve with your clients, but he income you, your stylists and your company will earn.

The process of our product is simple, it is a facial for teeth. All teeth have pores similar to our skin. Over time, these pores become stained from the items we eat and drink. Once your client has the whitening gel on their teeth, it instantly starts to remove the built up stains within the pores — leaving their mouth feeling fresh with visibly whiter teeth.

Make Money with Tooth Fairy Our Simple, LED Light Whitening System is Easy-to-Use


Hygienist Developed

Tooth Fairy was developed by a Dental Hygienist and has been distributed since 2000. She’s put together a system that provides results with less discomfort.


Proven Results

Clients typically see a 4-9 shade difference in the whiteness of their teeth when using our Tooth Fairy LED Whitening System. Our standard treatment of three 15 minute sessions allows for superior results with minimal discomfort. 


Client Value

Tooth Fairy provides a solution to whiter teeth for all clients while allowing them to save time and money. When you purchase the Tooth Fairy Whitening System, your business can earn up to an additional $3,000 per month.

Dental Crystals The newest trend in tooth jewelry

Our Tooth Fairy Dental Crystals offer the option to place a Swarovski onto the tooth — the newest trend in tooth jewelry. This sensation has been acclaimed by European editions of Woman, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, quickly becoming the latest must have accessory. Our dental crystals are trendy, safe, and very profitable products that available for your salon, spa, nail bar, or retail outlet.